Old Race

This bicycle is designed for the fearless at heart and the audacious who want to stand out from the crowd for their own being and style; pursuing their dreams, pedalling like in the past on the most arduous and difficult roads to reach their own goal.


One piece Columbus steel frame project by Sandro Cattelan made by Antonio Taverna (Vetta Telai); unique for its characteristics and size, which give it that typical look from the end of the nineteenth century.
28 x 1½ steel wheels
“Luxury” Fork head model
Coaster braking system
Grease nipple* on the hub bracket
Chromed front hub with grease nipple*
Chromed steel cruising handlebar
Olive wood hand-made handlebar grips and pump handle
Steel pump body in tint with frame
Chromed seat post
Hand-made retro style leather bag

Friezes in hand-polished brass
Hand-knotted leather handlebar and seatpost details
*Vintage Grease nipple with golden plating
Steel Golden Chromed Details

Brooks Swift Chrome brown saddle
sylvan prime road champagne MKS pedals
MKS leather wrapped toe clips
BLB old style crankset with golden chromed details

Made in italy plate on sub-frame
Each frame carries its own serial number




Oxide red
Silk grey
Deep black
Beige grey
Olive green


Glossy black
Matching the frame colour


Stainless steel
Matte black
Golden stainless steel

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